Paul W.J. & Thomas Lina: Songs That Tell a Story

Album “Songs That Tell A Story” (EP with 6 songs), listed in “The year 2012 in top country albums” by the New Country radio show in co-operation with US Country Music.

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About a decade ago, I found a small black & white print, dating from 1956, in a shoebox in my mother’s place. It depicted my father, eighteen years old at the time, while he was on vacation in Rome. My dad passed away in 1993. He is dearly missed.



A children’s song for grown-ups. I wrote it when our first daughter was about one year old. She couldn’t talk yet, but she was singing all the time! The second verse was inspired by Taj Mahal’s wonderful album Shake Sugaree: Taj Mahal Sings And Plays For Children. In case you were wondering, Shake Sugaree is the name of a wonderful song written by the late icon of American folk music, Elizabeth Cotten.



I met Darden Pierce at a songwriting workshop in Nashville, TN, in 2009. Later that year, I happened to be in Arlington, VA, not far from where he lived at the time, and we arranged a get-together. Darden brought two guitars, beer and an idea for a song that had come up during his two-hour drive to my hotel. We finished the song in my hotel room that night and have been writing together ever since.



The truth is plain and simple. Why do we keep fooling ourselves? This is a honky-tonk country song with a gospel vibe — thanks to Thomas on the Hammond organ..



In May 2007, I traveled to Memphis, the Mississippi Delta and Chicago, with my friend Alexander, to visit the holy sites of Delta Blues. One of the many highlights of our journey was the grave of Mississippi John Hurt, hidden in quiet seclusion near his hometown Avalon, MS. I’d been a fan and student of John Hurt’s guitar playing and songs for many years. I recorded the crickets in the natural regional Park of the Landes de Gascogne, France, in August 2011.



Being a fan of acoustic guitar blues, one day I was scouring the blues section in a record store. Between the regular stuff, I noticed a CD with the cover depicting, in black & white, a man holding a battered acoustic guitar. The album was Dublin Blues, by Guy Clark. I’d never heard of him – but everything looked just right, so I gave it a try. Much to my surprise, it was a country album, and it has been one of my favorite ones ever since. More than ten years later, in May 2009, I participated in a Songwriting Intensive with Mary Gauthier and Darrell Scott in Nashville, TN. On the second day of the workshop, Guy Clark made a surprise appearance as a guest teacher, and I broke down… (Later I found out that Darrell Scott was one of the musicians on Dublin Blues.)


All songs on the album written by Paul W.J. de Bijl, except “This Time (I’m Listening to My Heart)”, written by Darden W. Pierce and Paul W.J. de Bijl. Album produced by Thomas Lina (Rosemary’s Sons).

P.S. The inspiration for the album title came from a record by The Louvin Brothers carrying the same title.